Harbour Marine is an authorised agent for the sale of new GRAND RIBs.


With a pedigree developing RIBs for the aero-nautical industry in Ukraine, GRAND RIBs’ experienced and innovative engineers have pushed the boundaries of design. By taking these exacting skills and standards to a higher level, GRAND have developed their own super stylish blueprint to create a range of RIBs which is unrivalled in both head-turning performance and stunning good looks.  GRAND have successfully been building their comprehensive range of RIBs and tenders for over 15 years.  They have created the Golden Line and Silver Line ranges to suit all budgets and usage requirements – with the common denominator being the revolutionary technology used and the very finest marine craftsmanship.


Each RIB is hand built to meet specific orders which we place with the factory.  We know how important it is to get our customers on the water as soon as possible, which is why we keep a range of highly specified GRAND RIBs in stock and ready to go.  We understand how disappointing it can be to see pictures of your ideal RIB….only to have to wait four months (or longer with some brands) for delivery.  See below for the new GRAND RIBs in stock NOW.


Every new GRAND RIB comes with a five year hull warranty, five year tube material warranty, and five year Suzuki warranty.


We know you will be absolutely delighted with the quality, styling and handling of the GRAND range of RIBs for sale and invite you to come and see for yourself. Click here to get in touch for more information or to arrange an appointment to come and view our RIBs.

Available Now

The GRAND Golden Line G380 offers superior quality, comfort and elegance which is why this RIB has become a prestigious and exclusive tender for owners of luxury yachts.

Arriving January 2020

You will be spoilt for choice when you see the exciting selection of G420 RIBs arriving in January 2020 – including PVC and Hypalon options and new and unique colour specifications.  The GRAND G420 is a very popular, high specification family RIB.

Arriving January 2020

The GRAND Golden Line G500 RIB is an absolutely fresh idea.  A high performance RIB great at riding waves and delivering all the thrills you would want from a RIB of this class.

Available Now

The GRAND G580 is equipped with a comprehensive list of standard equipment plus a high specification selection of options and accessories.

Available Now

The GRAND G650 has the ideal layout for wakeboarding.  A stunning RIB with U-form rear seat layout and impressive design features and fittings.

Available Now

Due to unprecedented global demand of the stunning new GRAND G750 which was only launched at the end of 2018, there is only one available for sale in the UK….and that’s at Harbour Marine. This is one of the safest and most innovatively designed RIBs for sale on the market.

Arriving January 2020

The GRAND Silver Line 420 has some great key features which provide exceptional stability with a much softer ride and faster performance.

Available Now

The GRAND S470 is a practical, spacious and lightweight concept with an elegant design providing exceptional stability and performance.

Available To Order

The GRAND S520 is a practical, spacious and nicely equipped RIB at exceptional value. Its deep V makes this RIB ideal to give a smooth ride even in choppy water.

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