Park and Launch Terms & Conditions

Park and Launch Terms & Conditions 2024

  • Payment for all goods and services shall be due immediately as we do not offer credit facilities. The Park & Launch fees are payable in advance to secure a place and a refund will not be due if the place is no longer required part way through the season.  Any boat or ski on the yard from 1st April will incur Park & Launch fees.  Any boat or ski on the yard after 31st October will be charged winter storage.
  • Should you sell your vessel part way through the season, there will be no re-fund for the Park and Launch fee and we reserve the right not to offer the space to the new owner of the boat.  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • All boats, gear or equipment must be covered under customer’s own insurance at all times which should carry a minimum of third party liability of £3,000,000. the BMF recommends a minimum of £5m third party liability. All towing and boat movements are at the Owner’s risk. We shall not be liable for harm caused to any persons using our facilities or equipment and customers should ensure that their own personal and property insurance covers such risks.
  • For Health & Safety reasons all trailers must be regularly maintained for operational use as we will reserve the right to refuse to launch if in our opinion the trailer is in need of maintenance.
  • The provision of life jackets and understanding the ‘rules of the road’ is your responsibility.
  • The Park and Launch facility is undertaken at your own liability and that Harbour Marine Engineering Services Ltd accepts no responsibility for accidents and damage.
  • Whilst we will always try and assist our customers, we do not operate a breakdown service.  In the event of an emergency, you must call the Lifeboat on Channel 16.
  • Customers are responsible for the removal and replacing of wheel clamps or immobilizing device and the fitting and removal of bungs.
  • A spare set of keys must be left with Harbour Marine.
  • To ensure the safety of other boats or persons within the compound would customers please inform us before commencing any work on their boats or trailers.
  • For Health & Safety reasons no customers are allowed within the workshop area.
  • Cars MUST NOT be parked within the boat compound, it may be used for loading and unloading only. 
  • All vessels MUST be registered by yourself with Gwynedd Council either at Pwllheli Marina Office, by post or online and the registration number displayed on your vessel. Once registered, you must obtain a licence sticker to launch your boat in Gwynedd from Hafan Pwllheli and this must be stuck on your boat prior to being launched.  We cannot launch boats that do not display a current permit.
  • Requests to be launched onto a berth or retrieved from a berth will incur additional  charges.  These are not covered within the Park & Launch fees.
  • Park & Launch operating hours are governed by the tide and weather conditions.  We reserve the right to refuse to launch or retrieve if in our opinion to do so would put our customers, their craft, ourselves or our property at risk, whether due to the state of the tide at the slipway or weather conditions.  Please note that the yard is locked 20 minutes after the last retrieval.
  • In consideration of other users and the environment could you please ensure that all rubbish is taken away.