Harbour Marine is proud to be an authorised agent for the sale of new GRAND RIBs.   With many years’ experience as RIB sales and servicing specialists, we believe that the quality, performance, value and styling of the range of RIBs designed and built by GRAND is second to none.


The extensive experience which the team at GRAND RIBs has in the aeronautical engineering industry is evidenced by the advanced design of their award-winning range of RIBs. Built in the Ukraine, GRAND originally created the Golden Line and Silver Line ranges to suit all budgets and usage requirements; and in 2020 introduced us to the innovative Drive models.  The common denominator being the revolutionary technology used and the very finest marine craftsmanship.

There are currently over 50 models available in the GRAND range which are available in a wide choice of options, colours, upholstery, materials and accessories so you can create a bespoke RIB to suit your unique personal requirements.  GRAND have a unique online design service where you can specify the extras and finishing detail you require. 



The GRAND Golden Line G380, powered by a Suzuki DF30, is the ideal tender. And we have one in stock; rigged and ready to go.



The G420 is quite simply the best small family RIB available. A high specification RIB which will give you more smiles than chocolate.



The GRAND Golden Line G500 offers exceptional performance, stability and head-turning good looks.  This RIB has it all!



The GRAND G580 proved to be the most popular model of 2020.  An excellent, seaworthy RIB that performs even better than it looks.



The GRAND G650 is quite simply a stunning RIB which offers breath-taking performance and loungy comfort with its U-form rear seat layout and impressive design features and fittings.



The GRAND G750 could quite possibly change your life! This is one of the safest, most comfortable and stunningly exhilarating RIBs on the market.



The GRAND Silver Line 420 has some great key features which provide exceptional stability with a much softer ride and faster performance.



The GRAND S470 is a practical, spacious and lightweight concept with an elegant design providing exceptional stability and performance.



The GRAND S520 is a practical, spacious and nicely equipped RIB at exceptional value. Its deep V makes this RIB ideal to give a smooth ride even choppy water.

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